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Good at School [v0.3 Alpha] [Peuplis]

Developer: Peuplis
Download link: Windows
Source: Patreon


You will play as a young man that is back after a long time away. Your *landlady* will help you find a job in the school she works for… It’s a girl only school.. but the school is in poor shape.. So they really need help and will make an exception for you. The school will start in a really bad shape, only a few students will be present. With your *hard* work and dedication, you will help upgrading the school, attracting more and more students. You will have different jobs, garbage man, chief in the cuisine, normal teacher, gym teacher, assistant director, director and maybe you will end owning the school! Each job comes with its own mini games that will help you earn money. You are then free to invest that money in the school, or in the students.


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